'Fun, Fit, and Friendly': The Ethos of the Hawkinge Hurricanes Running Club


'Fun, Fit, and Friendly': The Ethos of the Hawkinge Hurricanes Running Club


Sam Miller; Hawkinge Hurricanes


In this excerpt, Sam describes the Hawkinge Hurricanes as a 'family', and recalls the delight she felt following the club's success at the 2019 Shepway Sports Trust Awards. Transcript attached.


Michael Romyn


Sam Miller Oral History Recording


Kent's Sporting Memories


Interview recorded on 19 July, 2019


Sam Miller; Michael Romyn


Kent's Sporting Memories


Sam Miller Oral History Recording


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Sam Miller


Kent’s Sporting Memories Oral History Transcript (Excerpt 2)
Interviewee: Sam Miller
Interviewer: Michael Romyn
Date: 19 July, 2019
Location: Sam Miller’s home in Hawkinge, Kent.
Recording Time: 55:00 – 57:03

Michael Romyn: You’ve mentioned ethos quite a few times…what would you say is the ethos of the club?
Sam Miller: I think it’s fun, fit and friendly, and that’s it. Because we all have a giggle, mostly at my expense – we’ll support anyone’s fitness, however far they want to go, and they are a family. Good friends.
MR: It feels like a proper community…
SM: Definitely. And if someone’s having a troublesome time everybody will bale in and help, you know, I think that’s nice. Someone will say ‘Oh I haven’t seen so and so for a while’, and I’ll think ‘oh no, they’re right’, so then we’ll ping them a little email or someone will ping them a little text and, you know, we try and support everybody. Yeah, they are a little family group really.
MR: Looking back across your experiences…what are your fondest memories of your running career?
SM: There’s quite a few. So, for me, I love it when someone else achieves something, so I love it when someone pops on Facebook, ‘Oh my God, I’ve just run my first 10K, look at my medal’, because I think we’ve helped you get there, you know I’ve had guys that have left, had their babies, and come back to the club and they’re like ‘yeah, we wouldn’t want to go anywhere else, we need to come back’. So I love seeing other people achieve ‘cause I know it’s a really nice feeling. And then, for me, Shepway Sports Trust 2019, every day of the week – it was amazing. I just felt on a high for, well, even now, weeks later, I’m still absolutely, I feel amazing about it because my team deserve it. And I love my trophies!