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Peter Thomas Transcript KC.docx
Transcription of an oral history recording of interviewee Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas Oral History Interview Excerpt MP3.mp3
An excerpt from a recording of an oral history interview with Peter Thomas. Peter describes some of his early experiences on the ski slope at Folkestone Sports Centre, and how formative it was for many young skiers from the Harvey Grammar School -…

Peter Thomas Newspaper article.jpg
A newspaper article and photo covering activities at Folkestone Sports Centre's ski slope during a particularly cold winter, c. 1981. The author wrote: ' Ironically, Folkestone's (sic) Sports Centre's chief ski instructor, Peter Thomas, was in…

Folkestone Ski Centre Bartelski.jpg
A photograph of British Alpine Ski Racer, Konrad Bartelski, assisting young skiers at Folkestone Ski Centre, c. 1981. Peter Thomas is positioned at the back-left of the picture (black jumper, arms crossed).

Harvey Grammar School Ski Trip.jpg
A photo of Harvey Grammar School pupils and teachers just prior to their setting-off on the school ski trip, taken in Folkestone in 1968. Peter Thomas stands furthest right in the picture

Hilary Casey MP3 Excerpt 1.mp3
An excerpt of an oral history interview with Hilary Casey in which she describes the opening of Folkestone Sports Centre in 1972, what this meant for the port town, and how the centre's dry ski slope inspired a generation of new skiers. (Transcript…
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