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Shuna Body Excerpt MP3.mp3
An excerpt of an oral history recording with Shuna Body, in which she describes how the 2012 London Paralympics helped change people's perceptions of disability sport. (Transcript attached.)

Shuna Body.jpg
A photograph of Shuna Body in Appledore, Kent, in March 2020. Shuna is holding her London 2012 Olympic Torch.

Shuna Body Oral History Transcript.docx
Transcript of an Oral History Recording with interviewee Shuna Body

Shuna Body MP3.mp3
An oral history interview with Shuna Body

Glyn Hibbert Portrait.jpg
A portrait of Glyn Hibbert at his home in Hawkinge, Kent, in August 2019. Glyn is wearing the blazer he wore during the London 2012 Paralympic Games, in which he served as a GB official and representative.

Glyn Hibbert Beijing .jpg
A photograph of Glyn Hibbert at the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing. Glyn served as the representative for British powerlifting at the games.

Glyn Hibbert Stoke Mandeville.jpg
An article in the December 1989 edition of the Bovis newsletter, the 'Bovis Post', describing Glyn Hibbert's work with disabled weightlifters at Stoke Mandeville in preparation for the 1992 Paralympic Games.
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