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Main stand fire.png
A photograph of Cheriton Road football ground's main stand after it was destroyed by fire in 1973.

Cheriton Road Football Ground Aerial.png
An aerial photograph of Cheriton Road football ground's main stand in its original Harbour Approach Road location, in c. 1919.

Alan Bartley Oral History Transcript.docx
Transcription of an oral history recording of interviewee Alan Bartley

Alan Bartley Broadcast.mp4
A recording of an interview with Kent's Sporting Memories participant Alan Bartley on talkSPORT radio, 17 May, 2020

Alan Bartley.jpg
A photograph of Alan Bartley at Folkestone Care Centre, March 2020. Alan holds the East Kent Wednesday League football trophy, won by Buckland Mill (for whom he played) in 1966.

Every Boy's Ambition MP3.mp3
A recording of a poem about footballing dreams, written and performed by Alan Bartley. Since being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in the mid-2010s, Alan has used poetry both to express himself and to help 'beat the plaques'. Photo of text…

Alan Salutation.jpg
A photograph of Alan Bartley (second from left) and the rest of 'The Salutation' pub football team in Dover, where the pub was based, in c.1970

Buckland Estate.jpg
A photograph of Alan Bartley and friends playing football on Dover's Buckland Estate, where Alan grew up, in c.1952

Alan action.jpg
A photograph of Alan Bartley playing five-a-side football at Dover Working Men's Club in c.1968

Alan Bartley Oral History Summary.docx
Summary of an Oral History Recording with interviewee Alan Bartley
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