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John Godden Transcription.docx
Transcription of an oral history recording of interviewee John Godden

John Godden Excerpt MP3.mp3
An excerpt of an oral history recording with John Godden, in which he describes how he capitalized upon a fortuitous opportunity to open the batting. He also speaks about how former club President, Bill Hewson MBE, was a mentor to him.

John Portrait .jpg
A photograph of John Godden at Folkestone Cricket Club on 21 September, 2020.

Brochure 1.jpg
Photographs of a commemorative 'keepsake programme' to mark the 'last game from the old pavilion' at Folkestone Cricket Club, held in September 2012. John Godden played a large part in the establishment of the new pavilion.

John Godden, 1977.jpg
A photograph of John Godden (centre, arms crossed) and a team from Folkestone Cricket Club in January 1977.

John Godden, 1961.jpg
A photograph of Folkestone Cricket Club and its opposing side (possibly Thanet) at a Yorkshire Cup match in Folkestone, in June 1961. John Godden sits front row, third from right.

Two of the Greatest.jpg
A photograph of a Kent Messenger newspaper article (c. late-1970s) covering the cricketing lives of Jack and Len Godden - 'two great men of cricket'. The article states that Colin Cowdrey described Jack and Len as the 'second most famous twins in…

The Goddens 1947.jpg
A photograph of John Godden's father, Len Godden, and uncle, Jack Godden, alongside Les Ames (far left), Cecil Blacklocks (far right), and Leslie Todd (centre), at a match at Folkestone Cricket Club held as part of Todd's 1947 benefit season.

John Godden Oral History Summary.docx
A summary of an oral history interview with John Godden
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