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Alan Taylor Oral History Summary.docx
A summary of an oral history interview with Alan Taylor

Cheriton Road sports complex, 2020.jpg
An aerial photograph of Cheriton Road sports complex, taken in 2020.

Brian Swoffer tribute (inc pictures).docx
An illustrated tribute to Brian Swoffer, former chairman and president of Folkestone Optimists, who 'dedicated his life to' Brian was a friend and mentor to Rodney, and many others at the club.

Rodney Kilbee MP3 Edit.mp3
A recording of an oral history interview with Rodney Kilbee

Pradip Rai Transcription.docx
Transcription of an oral history recording of interviewee Pradip Rai

Pradip  Wheels to Perform.jpeg
A photograph of Pradip Rai, in preparation for the London Marathon, 2020, taken in Folkestone.

Pradip Marathon.jpeg
A selection of photographs relating to Pradip Rai's participation in the virtual London Marathon, 2020. Pradip, who finished the Folkestone-based course in five hours and fifty-five minutes, raised money for Blesma, the Limbless Veterans’ charity.

Prad Marathon MP3.mp3
An interview with Pradip Rai about his participation in the London Marathon 2020
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