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Harry Letter.jpg
A letter of thanks from Harry Beeson to Folkestone Sports Centre for the retirement party he received at the centre in 1989. Beeson was the coach and founder (in 1979) of the centre's over-55s badminton club.

A newspaper article on the retirement in 1989 of Harry Beeson, the coach and founder (in 1979) of Folkestone Sports Centre's Badminton Club.

Harry article.jpg
A newspaper article highlighting Folkestone Sports Centre's over-60s badminton club and its coach and founder, Harry Beeson

Badminton Club.jpg
A newspaper article detailing the results of a tournament held by Folkestone Sports Centre's over-55s Badminton Club, in 1989

Badminton 2014.jpg
A photograph of Sandra Hibbert and a group of disabled badminton players at Folkestone Sports Centre, in around 2014. Sandra, who helped coach the group, has worked extensively with disabled athletes.

Harry Group.jpg
A photo of Harry Beeson (front row, centre) and members of Folkestone Sports Centre's over-55s Badminton Club, c. 1980

Harry testimony.jpg
A tribute to Harry Beeson from an unnamed Folkestone Sports Centre badminton club member, c. 2000

Sandra Hibbert Oral History Summary.docx
Summary of an Oral History Recording with interviewee Sandra Hibbert

Sandra Hibbert Full Transcript.docx
Transcription of an oral history recording of interviewee Sandra Hibbert
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