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Alan Taylor Oral History Summary.docx
A summary of an oral history interview with Alan Taylor

Swiming pool Folkestone (edit).jpg
A photograph of the now-defunct Folkestone open air swimming pool in approximately 1938. The pool was officially opened on 11 July 1936, and eventually closed in the mid-1980s.

Dover Road school swimming gala,1948.jpg
A photograph taken of the Dover Road School swimming gala in 1948, which was held at the open air swimming pool in Folkestone. Alan was a member of the school swimming team.

Alan won the cod cup in the the day boat festival, October 1950.jpg
Photographs (and an associated press cutting - Folkestone Herald, October 1950) of a 14-year-old Alan Taylor, who in October 1950 won Folkestone Boat Festival's 'Cod Cup' - a prize for the heaviest aggregate catch of cod over the three day event. As…

A.Taylor (5).jpg
Photographs of Alan Taylor at the annual Folkestone Boxing Day Dip at Sunny Sands in 2008 (fancy dress) and 2010 (winner of 'Oldest Dipper' prize).
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