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New Sporting Memories Clubs in Folkestone

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Volunteers are wanted for two new Sporting Memories Clubs in Folkestone.

The clubs, which are being developed in partnership with the Sporting Memories Foundation, offer a fun and friendly way of improving the health and wellbeing of older people in Folkestone, by tapping into their love of sport. As well as reminiscence, they also include fun sports-based games and light, fully inclusive physical activities.

Sporting Memories Foundation co-founder Chris Wilkins said: ‘We are really excited to see Sporting Memories coming to Kent. Our Sporting Memories Clubs are designed to bring isolated older people who have a love of sport, whether they watched or took part, together.

‘It gives an opportunity to share memories and have fun taking part in quizzes and light physical activities that everyone can take part in.’

The clubs are to be held at Folkestone Sports Centre every Friday between 10:30am and 12:30 pm, and at Folkestone Care Centre every Wednesday between 2pm and 4pm.  

For more information contact Michael Romyn via email: or by phone: 07423 284045

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